Transforming Business

MCG achieves significant improvements in business performance by applying the focus of change to the People; Processes and Systems, eradicating waste in all its forms, to maximise Resource utilisation.

Combine these transformational skills with MCG.evolve and our MCG Evolve Methodology and we can provide a holistic approach that drives real business improvement.

Making change happen...


Creating value from technology...

Information is the life-blood of an organisation. MCG proudly provides MCG.evolve, a truly unique Next Generation ERP solution that supports all business processes, providing flexibility, clarity and real value.

This system is designed and developed by us, so you can be reassured that we will listen and deliver whatever is required, quickly.


Delivering effective business processes...

By applying our MCG Evolve Methodology we are able to focus the appropriate level of understanding to Business Processes so that resources and systems can be focused on those elements that add value whilst reducing or removing costs associated with non-value creating processes and waste in all forms.


Moving forward...

By utilising our MCG Evolve Methodology we manage the process of change to ensure fear and resistance are addressed through education and involvement.

New structures, roles and responsibilities are defined and brought in-line with systems and processes, and competence rewarded with a precision and insight to ensure success.


Maximising the value of resources...

MCG provides the means through its MCG Evolve Methodology for clients to achieve substantial benefits from change.

Change that is focused on addressing both the hard and soft aspects of transforming the business so that the value of resources is maximised.