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What our customers are saying about MCG.evolve

MCG.evolve is a unique Next Generation ERP solution that was born out of the need for an ERP system that truly meets and exceeds the needs of the UK Food & Beverage sector.  In the opening years of this new century and utilising our very many years of experience in this sector we took the decision to develop a system that really addressed the needs of our clients who had been poorly served by traditional ERP systems and suppliers.

Designed and developed in the UK from first principles, MCG.evolve is a system that has been developed to not only meet all the Business Process needs of modern Food & Beverage producers but at the heart of it is a commitment to fully support the requirements of BRC/IFS in their Global Standards for Food Safety; Storage and Distribution and for Packaging and Packaging Materials.  This makes MCG.evolve unique.

No more will you need to buy multiple products to support your business requirements, MCG.evolve has been developed to be the one and only software product you will ever require.

Engaging with us not only provides you with the most advanced ERP system available for the Food & Beverage sector but also with a team of experienced change specialists that can help guide your business in maximising the benefits of IT driven change.  We will deliver quickly and at a cost that will make you smile.

“Simpson Ready Foods Ltd have been using Evolve for several years and are very pleased with the functionality it provides. MCG have constantly updated the system to meet modern traceability and other requirements, and work closely with us to achieve all the current BRC requirements wherever possible.”

Andrew Simpson- Director

Delivering BRC/IFS compliance and much, much more…